Sort: Null Pokedex (Pokémon) Stats, Strikes, Evolution, Breed, Weak spot

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Sort Null Pokedex (Pokémon)

Sort: Null (Pokémon) Beginning

Sort: Null is also in response to a gryphon or a Chimera. It additionally has many similarities to the dragon of the Ishtar Gate within the town of Babylon, such because the pussycat and dragon-like legs, dragon-like form, and crest on its head. The hoop surrounding its helmet resembles the only surrounding the torso of Arceus. It may additionally draw inspiration from Frankenstein’s Monster, particularly the bolts on each side of its head.

Backstory-wise, it can be in response to the EVA gadgets from Neon Genesis Evangelion, each being cyborgs designed to combat strange, extremely tough creatures (the Extremely Beasts in Sort: Null’s case, the Angels within the EVA gadgets’ case), each having to put on gadgets that save you them from shedding regulate in their energy (the masks in Sort: Null’s case, the armor within the EVA gadgets’ case), and the 3 cases of Sort: Null created in all probability referencing the 3 primary EVA gadgets (Unit-00, Unit-01, and Unit-02).

Sort: Null used to be created by way of Faba of the Aether Basis to be an “Anti-UB Combating life-form”. Codenamed “Beast Killer”, Sort: Null used to be evolved with cells taken from all recognized Pokémon sorts. This used to be carried out with the aim of giving it the facility to shift between sorts by way of preserving a corresponding reminiscence, a capability firstly impressed by way of the myths researched at Canalave Library. This talent led the Aether Basis to provide it the identify Sort: Complete (Eastern: タイプ:フル Sort: Complete). 3 recognized fashions of Sort: Complete have been created, however all 3 rejected the RKS Machine and went berserk.

Sort: Null’s identify is a mix of sort, and null; having no criminal or binding power, or the price of 0. It may additionally imply “no sort” by contrast to “Sort: Complete” that means “every kind”.

Sort: Null (Pokémon) Names in different languages

  • English: Sort: Null
  • French: Sort:0
  • German: Typ: Null
  • Italian: Tipo 0
  • Spanish: Código Cero
  • Chinese language: 屬性:空

Sort: Null (Pokémon) Biology

The Null Pokemon is arguably one of the crucial tough, cumbersome, and long-lived Pokemon encountered within the display. It may be used as a member of a crew, or it may possibly evolve right into a Dratini with the assistance of some uncommon pieces. It has the facility to soak up the powers of alternative Pokemon, which is what makes it specialised in taking down higher foes. On the other hand, it additionally has weaknesses which makes it much less helpful than different answers. Let’s take a better have a look at those downsides.

A mane of gray fur hangs from beneath Sort: Null’s helmet and covers its shoulders and chest. Maximum of its torso and legs are lined in brief black fur. The decrease part of each and every entrance leg is insectoid and inexperienced with spikes alongside the again, whilst the rear legs have thick pink scales at the flanks, shins, and at the best of the foot. All 4 of its ft have 3 ft, however within the entrance two ft face ahead and one backwards. Moreover, the hind paws have a brief, gray claw at the again of the ankle. Its fishlike tail is composed of 2 darkish blue spines with a gentle blue fin stretched between them. The highest backbone has a line of brief, gray spikes.

Type Null Pokedex
Sort Null Pokedex

Null Pokédex Stats

Nationwide № 772
Species Artificial Pokémon
Top 1.9 m (6′03″)
Weight 120.5 kg (265.7 lbs)
Talents 1. Fight Armor
Native № 203 (Solar/Moon — Alola dex)
259 (U.Solar/U.Moon — Alola dex)
381 (Sword/Defend)

Null Pokédex Coaching

EV yield 2 HP
Catch price (0.4% with PokéBall, complete HP)
Base Friendship (less than customary)
Base Exp. 107
Enlargement Fee Sluggish

Null Pokédex Breeding

Egg Teams Undiscovered
Gender Genderless
Egg cycles 120 (30,584–30,840 steps)


Title Different Names No. Gender Ratio Sort
Sort: Null
Japan: Sort: Null
French: Sort:0
German: Typ: Null
Korean: 타입:널
Nationwide: #772
Alola: #259
Melemele: #—
Akala: #—
Ula’ula: #—
Poni: #—
Sort: Null is Genderless Normal-type
Classification Top Weight Seize Fee Base Egg Steps
Artificial Pokémon 6’03”
3 30,720
TalentsFight Armor
Fight Armor: Opponent’s strikes can’t Important Hit.
Enjoy Enlargement Base Happiness Effort Values Earned S.O.S. Calling
1,250,000 Issues
2 HP Level(s) Now not Wild


Sort: Null (Pokémon) Strikes

Abdomen Take on

That is the transfer utilized by Null Pokmon and it offers numerous injury in a brief period of time. Sadly, this transfer will also be very stressful in your fighters particularly in the event you aren’t the usage of a Null Poison sort. Abdomen Take on will simply make the opponent vomit, drain its stamina and decrease their assault. This transfer is steadily used because the remaining transfer in a struggle to complete off a Pokemon.


A rather new transfer, however it’s already rising in popularity. It’s in a position to causing minor wounds on fighters which is helping nullify their energy. Because it’s now not sturdy sufficient to kill a Dratini, it may possibly handiest sluggish it down or power it to transport away.


This transfer is relatively high-quality and is a commonplace transfer utilized by many customers of the Null P Pokmon. As you could know, a headbutt sends the opponent top within the air. It could actually simply ship an opponent flying with the slightest contact.

Swift Dance

That is almost definitely the one transfer utilized by the Null P Pokmon that doesn’t take care of any injury. It could actually, then again, reason nice velocity to the consumer. Swift Dance is the usage of to temporarily building up a Pokemon’s velocity. This transfer can be utilized to temporarily transfer from one facet of the sphere to the opposite.


Dragon Rage

The Dragon Rage is arguably the most powerful transfer amongst all Pokedex entries. It could actually ship a Pokemon at implausible velocity flying. If you’ll use the Dragon Rage, you must make certain that your Pokemon can care for it. Use Dragon Rage sparingly. This transfer can be utilized when your Pokemon’s velocity is low because it offers extra injury the slower you pass.

Rage Punch

This transfer is an impressive transfer. It could actually simply ship your opponent flying, however it has some boundaries. If you wish to use this transfer, be sure that your Pokemon’s protection is top sufficient.

Double Strike

That is principally used as a counter in opposition to tough assaults. In case your Pokemon is attacked, then it may possibly employ its double strike function to counter-attack and do much more injury. Use Double Strike handiest whilst you assume that your Pokemon is ready to be attacked.

Counter Assault

This can be a transfer used handiest on quicker Pokemon. You’ll use this transfer by way of temporarily hanging your Pokemon into sleep. Whilst it’s asleep, you’ll transfer round and use different strikes to overcome your fighters.

Those are probably the most strikes that can be utilized by way of the Null Pokedex. The strikes can be utilized along with each and every different, and they are able to even be utilized in an offensive technique. Understand that with the assistance of Pokemon, you be capable of are expecting your opponent’s movements and use them accordingly. Make sure you take complete benefit of this transfer!

On the other hand, most of these strikes are handiest to be had in case your pokemon has been decided on because the holder of a undeniable transfer or technique. If you wish to be informed extra about those particular strikes, you must purchase a e-book that explains them intimately. A just right reference for studying about those ways is a e-book concerning the super-effective strikes within the Pokemon sequence by way of Charles “Masks” Lewis. You’ll purchase it in bookstores or on-line. This e-book offers numerous background details about a wide variety of Pokemon, in addition to their strikes and techniques.

Can You Breed Sort Null Pokemon

No, it’s now not imaginable to reproduce sort null. You’ll’t breed sort null to the simpler model of this.

Why Is Sort Null In Sword And Defend

Here’s the solution

get Sort: Null and Evolve into Silvally

Pokédex entries


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