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Pokémon Sword and Protect Characters

Characters in Pokémon Sword & Protect

Starring Persona (Major Persona)

Gloria and Victor pokemon sword and shield
Gloria and Victor pokemon sword and defend

When beginning your journey, you’ll have the ability to make a choice your participant personality’s look from one in all 8 other choices — 4 male choices and 4 feminine choices. The tale begins with you because the hero of the tale. You’ll choose and customise your personality in accordance with the primary characters, Gloria and Victor.

Bede - Gym Challenger
Bede – Health club Challenger

Bede, a Health club Challenger recommended by means of Chairman Rose himself, will turn out to be one in all your competitors achieve the name of Galar Champion. He holds pleasure in himself and won’t let somebody stand in his means.

Marnie - Gym Challenger
Marnie – Health club Challenger

Some other Health club Challenger, Marnie, targets to turn out to be Galar Champion, as she needs to revive lifestyles into her place of birth, combating battles along with her spouse, Morpeko. As a result of her calm and picked up combating taste, she has won many dependable fanatics.

Chairman Rose
Chairman Rose

Rose is the chairman of the Pokemon League, and president of a big company. He has made heavy contributions to the Galar area together with the implementation of the well-known Dynamaxing in Health club Battles.

Oleana - Rose's Secretary
Oleana – Rose’s Secretary

Oleana is Rose’s secretary and the vp of Rose’s corporate. She is calm and picked up however does the heavy lifting of working the corporate.

Professor Magnolia
Professor Magnolia

The esteemed professor of Galar, Professor Magnolia, will assist you to to your adventure as a Pokemon Teacher. Her largest and maximum necessary analysis as of the instant is the Dynamax phenomenon.

Sonia - The Professor's Assistant
Sonia – The Professor’s Assistant

Professor Magnolia’s granddaughter and Leon’s early life buddy, Sonia, lend a hand with the analysis on Dynamax, in addition to the legend of the hero with the sword and defend. You are going to meet Sonia time and again within the sport as she provides you with recommendation to your journey.

Hop - Rival and Neighbor
Hop – Rival and Neighbor

Hop, your neighbor, and rival start a brand new adventure as a Pokemon Teacher with you. He seems as much as his older brother, Leon, observing all his Pokemon battles at the tv. Now recommended by means of him, he targets to overcome him, with the hopes of changing into Champion.

Leon - Galar Champion
Leon – Galar Champion

Leon is the undefeated Champion within the Galar area, after collaborating within the Health club Problem on the age of 10! Along with his spouse, Charizard, he is going all-out, by no means shedding a fight. He’s beloved by means of the folks of Galar and is known as the Biggest Teacher in Galar.

Bea - Karate Prodigy
Bea – Karate Prodigy

Bea skilled vigorously with Pokemon at a tender age and is now Stow-on-Facet’s Health club Chief. She is at all times noticed to have a relaxed and critical face, however in reality she does now not need to display weak spot. Bea is unique to Pokemon Sword.

Allister - Mystery Boy
Allister – Thriller Boy

This mysterious Pokemon Teacher took the function of Health club Chief at a tender age. No person has ever noticed his face as he hasn’t ever got rid of his masks in public. He claims to be able to see deceased Ghost-type Pokemon after an coincidence he had when he was once 4.

Nessa - Hulbury's Raging Wave
Nessa – Hulbury’s Raging Wave

Nessa grew up round Water-type Pokemon as her father was once a fisher and her mom works out there. She labored onerous and is now the pleasure of Hulbury. She could also be Sonia’s shut buddy. She additionally claims to be Milo’s rival.

Milo - Fighting Farmer
Milo – Combating Farmer

Born because the son of farmers, Milo grew just about grass-Kind Pokemon and skilled at a tender age. As a result of his type middle, he has difficulties going all-out on weaker Health club Challengers.

Kabu - Motostoke's Man of Fire
Kabu – Motostoke’s Guy of Fireplace

Kabu is a grasp of Fireplace-type Pokemon who was once invited from the area of Hoenn. He as soon as got here just about changing into League Champion. He’s motivated to continue learning and coaching for so long as he lives.

Gordie - Circhester's Hard-Rock Crusher
Gordie – Circhester’s Onerous-Rock Crusher

Rock-type Pokemon are noticed to be tough and constant, however Gordie‘s combating taste is delicate and sleek. He’s a emerging famous person and plenty of suspect that he’s going to turn out to be the following League Champion. Gordie is unique to Pokemon Sword.

Opal - Ballonlea's Theatre Master
Opal – Ballonlea’s Theatre Grasp

After taking the function of Health club Chief for 70 years after her mom, Opal is now searching for a worthy Teacher to interchange her. She is the oldest Health club Chief in Galar and is known as “the wizard” on account of her ways in fight.

Raihan - Hammerlocke's Dragon Tamer
Raihan – Hammerlocke’s Dragon Tamer

The most powerful of all Health club Leaders, Raihan makes use of climate results to regulate the level. He may just additionally simply turn out to be Galar’s Champion, however defeating Leon is extra necessary to him. Except for being the tamer of dragons, he additionally loves taking selfies.

Piers - Spikemuth's Dark-type Master
Piers – Spikemuth’s Darkish-type Grasp

Although Spikemuth does now not have a Energy Spot that may permit Pokemon to Dynamax, Piers cares deeply for his place of birth. A grasp of Darkish-type Pokemon, he’s additionally enthusiastic about making a song and songwriting and is well-renowned for that.

Melony - Chichester's Ice-cold Professional
Melony – Chichester’s Ice-cold Skilled

A stoic and robust Health club Chief, many Health club Challengers have problem getting the Circhester badge from Melony. As a result of her strict training, it’s assured that the Health club Running shoes underneath her are robust as effectively. Melony is unique to Pokemon Sword.

Characters from Pokemon Sword and Protect ‘The Isle of Armor’

Peony - Mentor
Peony – Mentor

Peony is a person that you’re going to come upon upon arriving in The Crown Tundra. He’s making plans to begin his adven-tours (journey) along with his daughter Peonia to search out the reality at the back of the Mythical Pokemon in The Crown Tundra. He isn’t just right at listening and attracts various consideration, even though he’s a loving father to his daughter, Peonia.

Mustard - Mentor
Mustard – Mentor

Mustard, who was once additionally prior to now a Champion, now runs the Pokemon Dojo. He was once additionally the mentor of Champion Leon. He’s going to assist you to together with your new journey at the Isle of Armor.

Avery - Rival
Avery – Rival

Avery, the Psychic-type person, seems within the Isle of Armor, which will probably be to be had within the Pokemon Protect Growth Move.

Klara - Rival
Klara – Rival

Klara, the Poison-type person, seems within the Isle of Armor, which will probably be to be had within the Pokemon Sword Growth Move.

Groups from Pokemon Sword and Protect

Team Yell
Staff Yell

As with every different Pokemon video games, the sport would now not be whole with no villainous group. Staff Yell is Marnie’s fan staff, sabotaging all different Health club Challengers so Marnie can turn out to be Champion of the Galar Pokemon League.

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